Meditation Titles and Summaries


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1. Leading Young People into the Mystery of God

God kindles in us a light to announce the Gospel to young people, and invites us to lead them into the Mystery of God. We do this in partnership with their parents.

2. Young People – Called to Holiness

Can we have any greater heartfelt wish than helping young people find their happiness in coming to know Christ?

3. Ambassadors of Jesus Christ

Our ministry among young people has value only if we are supported, strengthened and made effective by Jesus Christ.

4. Jesus Christ, the One Teacher

In serving young people, as well as teaching them the Good News of Jesus Christ and his message, we ourselves need first to capture his vision and understand his goals.

5. Called to Love and Guide the Young

We continually ask God for the grace to watch over those entrusted to us and for light to discern how best to guide them.

6. Entrusted with the Message of the Gospel

Every day we place ourselves in the presence of God, praying that, in our teaching, we are able to speak with our students at their level, and that we may effectively share with them the message of the Gospel entrusted to us.

7. Teachers of the Faith

We look upon our ministry as one of the most important and necessary services in the Church, one which has been delegated to us by our bishops, and by parents.

8. Building on the Foundations of the Church laid by the Apostles

In teaching the faith, we are building on the foundations of the Church laid by the Apostles. We emphasize Christian values and show our young people how to live these, especially in forms of service suitable to their age and individuality.

9. Passionate Commitment – Fullness of Life

In educating our young people, we strive to reveal to them the incomparable riches of God’s grace which has been given to them, so they come to treasure their place as heirs of God, sharing in the inheritance of Jesus Christ.

10. Living What We Proclaim

Jesus began to do and then to teach. Speaking to his Apostles after washing their feet, he says,” I have given you an example, so that you may do as I have done to you.” 

11. Appointed as Guides and Guardians

In our dealings with young people, we gently and patiently correct them and instruct them in the truth, praying that God will touch their hearts, minds and wills so they see and desire what is right and good.

12. Guided by the Spirit of God

As teachers, daily we pray earnestly to the Spirit of God to guide us and to give us the gift of wisdom. We ask to know how to encourage and correct young people in ways appropriate to their age. We do this with loving concern and respect for them.

13. Faithful Co-operators with God

Saint Paul reminds us that anyone who has the care of others has to account for them to God.  When we carefully guide and spiritually lead our young people to God, we in turn will grow in personal holiness and in the love of God.

14. Called to this Ministry for the Glory of God

When we know we have been diligent in the care of our young people and have constantly inspired them to love and live the Gospel values, we can truthfully say we have done all we could for these children and for the glory of God.

15. Our Generous God Rewards Us

God, who is so good, generously rewards even in this life all who teach others to know, love and serve God. 

16. Fullness of Hope

Let us act with goodness and wisdom in the care of the young people entrusted to us and believe in the blessings and all the glory God will give us.