Dear teacher of young people,

You are invited to participate in the course, Spiritual Formation for Educators of the Young.

It is a personal, meditative and prayerful journey, of one hour of priority time a week for 16 weeks.

This course is based on an integrated set of Meditations written by St. De La Salle, titled Meditations for the Time of Retreat (MTR).

St. De La Salle is Patron saint of educators of the young.

We are confident you will find these exercises in meditation instructive, enlightening and enriching.

Ways of Journeying

You are strongly encouraged to join with others in making the journey of the Meditations.

By choosing to meet as a group you make the Meditations together. At the end of each meditation period you have opportunity to share your experience with others in the group.

Or, you may make the Meditations as individuals, and then come together regularly for sharing.

The journey can be made as an individual without reference to a group.

The communal dimension of the journey has been found to be very beneficial. It is highly recommended.


A group chooses from among the members a sufficiently skilled person as its facilitator.

The role includes organising meeting times and completing short written evaluations of meetings.

Spiritual guidance

A participant writes a Response to their experience of a meditation hour. The Response, typed or hand-written, is emailed as an open word document, or posted. Responses, ideally two at a time, are forwarded directly to a spiritual guide from Catholic Meditations for Educators of the Young for perusal and comment. The guide is appointed to accompany the participant throughout the journey

Personal dispositions

The attitude needed for the meditative journey is one of desire:

  • the desire to be open and cooperative with God’s grace
  • the desire to discover/deepen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • the desire to learn increasingly how to notice God and how to relate to God in the “nitty-gritty” of daily life.

Steps to Enrol

  1. Send completed Application form to Catholic Meditations for Educators of the Young by early April.

  2. On acceptance of your application, a Registration form will be emailed to you personally.  Your registration is completed with gifting of course donation.

  3. Once registered, your enrolment is complete.  A personal letter will then be emailed to you, including providing you with a personal username and password.  This will enable you to access the course material and the Meditations. Course material will include advice on preparing for the meditation hour, on awareness of your experience of the hour, and on writing a response to the hour.

  4. On enrolment, you will be provided with name and email address of your spiritual guide.




- The team at Catholic Meditations for Educators of the Young